Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What! Where?

Since my last post, this week has been all over the place! I feel I have not got anything done, but looking back over it, each day was very busy with something or another.

My sewing machine arrived on Tuesday...

along with lots of free goodies! (see 2 middle images).

On Wednesday I had a play about with my machine, and concentrated on the Creative Crafting Magazine.

On Thursday I went down to see The Crystal Lady, and we had a fabulous time out shopping, eating, giggling about the lift in 'The Range', and going to the best charity shop ever!

On Friday, finishing off some more articles for the magazine.

And Saturday and Sunday, I tried my best to have these free and restful, but ended up sorting out some of my website and also added some new items, like BUTTONS to my Misi store! 

And now we are back to Tuesday! A week gone... just like that!

Just a reminder that the Easter edition of Creative Crafting Magazine is out THIS Thursday, 1st April (no joke!)

Sprinks xx

1 comment:

joyknitt said...

sounds like a busy week to me, well done, looking forward to seeing the magazine,
joyknitt xx