Sunday, March 21, 2010

My new toy!

Here is my new toy!
Although I don't have it just yet, it will be arriving sometime during the week. I had some birthday money, and I didn't want to go spending it on the usual clothes, underwear, the usual things, so I decided on a sewing machine!
It's an investment right?!

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I've only ever used a sewing machine once before, and that was about 2 weeks ago. I had completed a cross stitch, and decided it would make a fantastic pin cushion. So, I borrowed my mums sewing machine, set it up very successfully, and gave it a shot! 
It was slightly scary at first. I pressed the foot too hard and the needle on the machine went so fast, I could have lost a finger! But after a little trial and error I got the hang of it, and surprised myself! I really enjoyed it. 
The stitches were a little wibbly wobbly, but I just need more practice. 

Yesterday, while in Reading's Train Station I bought Sew Hip magazine. The bag pattern featured looked like it was made for me, so I bought it. And so, today, I got some old material, (my mums old curtains) and started cutting it up!

Now, here is what I achieved today, in between dinner and tea. 
It's not perfect. 
My cutting out skills are something not to be desired!

The numbered pictures are as follows:
1) Pattern design on the material
2) The two curtain panels
3) The body of the bag cut up
4) All the pieces of the bag cut up
5) All the pieces of the bag, pinned and ready to be sewn up.

That is as far as I got today-  I'm going to leave it there until my new toy arrives!

There maybe a domestic goddess in me somewhere yet!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.
Sprinks xxx

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joyknitt said...

well done sprinks, hope you enjoy your new toy