Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adding to the list of dissapointments, but holding my chin up

One craft show weekend I was really looking forward to be taking part again in this year, has been 'slightly altered' . They are not having a craft marquee this year, although we have been offered a trade stand.
I am reluctant to take up this offer as I am not really looking to compete against fair trade and bulk bought items. Plus the fact I will have to buy a gazebo stand, and I can guarantee I will buy the one that will blow away and leak!

So now, due to very very poor amount of shows this year, I have decided to hold up on the DIY jewellery kits, even though they were coming along well, and launch them next year instead.

One thing I am really really looking forward to taking part in is the Little Book of Misi 2nd Edition, that artsbymimi is putting together. Anyone who has a shop on Misi can join in. The criteria is available to read on the Misi forum.
Thank you Amy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Off to the fair

I popped along to an antiques fair this weekend at The Royal Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet.

I went with my parents, and a couple of their friends to trawl around, what seemed to me, to be just a load of old junk! Bits of wood claiming to be an 18th century table, what looked more like a fantastic meal for wood worm!
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we toured the outside marquee stalls first, grabbed a tea and bit of choccie cake, and started the walk-a-bout indoors. Again, more junk, and overpriced brightly coloured vulgar crockery!

So... time went on, still checking out all the over priced bits and bobs, until finally, an vintage jewellery stall that wasn't over priced, with many many baskets and old biscuit tins of tangled up jewellery, which was either broken, or pendants without a home.
I was rummaging for ages and ages until I came across a gorgeous heart shaped pendant. It was grubby, but nothing a bit of silver cleaning cloth couldn't fix! I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, so here is a pic!

and a close up

Available at my MISI , ETSY and my website

I also bought a couple of other pieces, but I have not got as far as cleaning them up yet. But I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Birthday treat! 10% OFF

As it's my Birthday today,
I am offering 10% off everything in my
MISI store,
and to blogger readers only,
10% off everything on my

If you see anything you fancy on my website, email me!
Please include what you would like to purchase, and in the subject box write 'Blogger Discount'
I will send you your very own paypal invoice that includes the 10% discount.
If you use the 'add to cart' buttons you will not receive your discount.

MISI discount is available from the 15th March -16th March 2009, and my website discount is available from the 15th March -22nd March 2009.

Have a fabulous day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

★ Now Open & Updates★

My new MISI store is now open!

click the image to go to my site or click here


Craft Events - There are still no 100% confirmed events still for 2009. I'm just very very unfortunate this year that everyone I contact is fully booked. Seems the credit crunch has inspired people to open their crafts boxes, start making and selling!

Shops - There are still many places to shop for Sprinkles Sparkles goodies.

If you are in the UK, UK price listings are at: - my main store - my misi store. - my folsky store - my artfire store (this seems to be a new feature!)

For prices in $'s my listings are at: - my etsy store - my artfire store
please let me know if artfire in your country is displaying your currency.

DIY jewellery kits - are still 'under construction'! And are still due to be launced end of March, beginning of April. They will be available on my main site, and misi to start with.

Thats all for today. The past week has been packed with advertising, marketing, and concentrating on the jewellery kits, oh, and the trip to Ikea!

ps: free delivery is now only available at

Thursday, March 05, 2009

New DIY Jewellery Kits

Since Christmas I have been toying with the idea of making and selling DIY jewellery kits. They will be going on sale end of this month, beginning of April, prices starting from £3.50 (roughly $5) for a beginners earrings kit.

All kits will include instructions, beads and findings to complete the projects, although you will have to supply your own tools.

I will be starting with beginners kits, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all in a matching set, so you will be able to make your own handmade jewellery.

Also available will be mobile phone charm, and handbag charm DIY kits, all for beginners.

Here is a sneaky peek of one of the kits...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fairy Quintessence

Today wasn't the best day for pottering out and about in the garden, so I bought the fairies inside with me, and made this bracelet.

I'm always left with a handful of this, a bit of that, and one of them in my bead stash, so I put them together and came up with this enchanting bracelet.

It consists of dyed freshwater pearls and a large blue glass heart. Little added detail of hematite stars, silver flowers and a hanging silver fairy finish it off.

As usual its available on my ETSY store and my website