Monday, April 27, 2009

Brand New Sprinkles Sparkles Website!!

It's LIVE!
Sprinkles Sparkles new style website has just been launched!!

Please, have a good mooch about, and also let me know if you come across any errors on the site. One will always slip away from me!

The new bottle top magnets have been photographed and put up on the new site. 

You will also find:
Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Pendants, GemBugs!, Kilt Pins, Handbag Charms, Bookmarks, Hair Accessories and Scarf Clips available, and for sale. 

Weekend Roundup!

On Saturday I popped along to the Royal Bath & West Royal Showground for The Stitch and Creative Crafts Show. Again this year it was manly dominated by card and paper crafts, so not much jewellery, or other craft relative hobbies.
I did buy a few bits and bobs though. Few buttons, brooch clips, craft papers, few beads (prices were a little high though) and some bottle tops!

The bottle top are going to be make into fab magnets!
Look out for them on my website in the very near future!
Here is a pic of the show. I must point out that it was taken with my new camera!!
What a totally exhausting day!
When I got back I thought I would make a start on making some badges with my new craft paper! Only to get onto the second badge, and my badge maker broke!

So if anyone has Super BadgeIt maker going cheap, or even the proper metal badge making kits at a very discounted price let me know ;) (thanks Caz ;))

I was bidding on Ebay last night for one, only to be piped at the post at the last 10 seconds by 20p! Argh!

Update! I now have a badge making kit.
It was at a bargain price of £2!!

Yesterday, Sunday, after my badge making disaster, I got to work on the bottle top magnets! I left them over night a magnetic board, just to make sure they dont slip. Thankfully they don't!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday I was struck down with man flu! Can you believe it? A few days after Easter, when I should be eating my chocolate eggs, I get a cold! So now they are just sitting there, until the sniffles go away, and I can munch on them without getting even more bunged up!

Finally today, my beads arrived! YAY! So this afternoon I started making 20 bag charms. I've managed to photograph 10 of them so far, I'll do the other set later on. 
Here is one of them.
This is the red heart bag charm. There are another 9 of them, all in different colours. Go check them out on my site, or on misi.
(you can see all the individual charms on my own site, as on misi I can only post 5 pictures)

Also I want to say a BIG Thank You to all the Misi girls last night (you know who you all are!) for an hilarious evening last night on the forums!! 

Sunday, April 12, 2009


My parents came back from shopping Friday afternoon with a pressie for me! 
I was ecstatic! It means now that I can attend outdoor craft fairs. Being a fairy 'bog standard' garden gazebo, I was a little worried about it sturdiness. One gust of wind and off it flies along the field! 

So today, with the help of my dad, we put it up in the back garden to test it out! It's not bad at all! I'm going to nip into the camping shop and get some extra pegs, just for safety sake, but I'm so happy with it! 
I took some piccies of it being put together. (I took the pictures with my phone, so they are not all that special). As you can see, our garden is not quite big enough for it!


I'm very excited about my little shop! Of course, when it gets used, ill blog it. But that isn't until June/July time.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

This Week

Thought I would do a round up of my week instead of an individual blog every day.

First off I have added 7 new items to Misi. Click the link to see my new creations ;)

Secondly, I came runner in the Misi Easter Egg Hunt! I'm so chuffed, haha. I managed to find 22 out of the 25 eggs. I won a wonderful easter anigurami bunny, handmade by reeneegurumi , and a beautiful easter necklace handmade by zoewoods. Also free listings to misi aswell.

Congratulations to enchanted too who also came runner up along with me. Jane and Zoe who both got a Chocolate Bunny from Cocoapod.

But I cannot forget to mention The Pink Fairy Cake who came 1st, and won a gorgeous Gifford the bear handmade by tollykit, and his and hers egg cups handmade by Patchwork Daisy .
How did she find them all?!
I dont have any pictures of my goodies yet, but when I receive them I'll post them up.

Here are the eggs I found!! ------>>

I've got myself all Twitterd up on Monday.
If your would like to follow my day of crafting, eating, and general rantings, look for sprinkles_ or click 'follow me' in my twitter feed on the right. (remember the underscore! sprinkles was taken and sprinklessparkles was too long!)

Tuesday evening I went and spilt my glass of lushes red wine all over the coffee table where my keyboard and mouse is, myself, the carpet and the curtains!

We tipped the keyboard up, and let all the wine drip out. Lukily it didn't effect the mouse. The keyboard dried out, but a couple of the keys were a little sticky :( So I went and got myself a lovely new keyboard and mouse set. And its PINK!!

Today I added myself to Handmade Crafts Link Image 1 UK directory. Their aim is to build up a directory of handmade crafts within the UK. They would love your support too.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

An Easter Review

What a lovely few summery days we seem to be having. I hope it lasts, it's really brightening up the year, of which, hasn't been particually great.

This morning I started going through some of my stock, mainly the items that are listed up on my website, and misi, and reviewed some prices of many pieces.

Anything from £1 to £20 has been knocked off many products!
Go on! Have a look :D