Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was like loosing my Teddy Bear!

You know that horrible, sickening feeling you get in your stomach when you loose something? That's how I felt today.
We woke up to no Internet!

I was intending to spend the day researching into finding more craft fairs, and updating my site, but noooo. It was 5pm by the time it came back on. So according to the last Twitter feed post that was 2:58am, that's 14 hours downtime! No emails, no chatting, no 'work'! It was like loosing my Teddy Bear!

I cannot believe how much I rely on the internet, just for basic chores, like checking my bank balance, looking at Radio Times site for program times, ordering food from Tescos.

Instead I spent the day doing an entire cross stitch for my mum to give to her on Mother's Day, finally watching Marley & Me (it was hard holding back those tears!), washing up, watching the Big Bang Theory, and more Bones, playing on the Wii, and generally having fun! I've certainly become one of many casualties to spending too much time on-line, and that needs to change! One thing that won't change, mind you, is my morning MSN chats to Anna - The Crystal Lady!

Hope you are all well.
Sprinks xx

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