Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First listing of the week

This evening I was feeling a bit crafty, and came up with these! 

They are made from piller box red, and burgundy glass pearls, with black lucite petals. They hang to 1 inch, and have silver plated earwires.
They are available on MISI at a bargain price!

Tomorrow I will be adding some petal mobile charms, so stay tuned!

Sprinks xx

What! Where?

Since my last post, this week has been all over the place! I feel I have not got anything done, but looking back over it, each day was very busy with something or another.

My sewing machine arrived on Tuesday...

along with lots of free goodies! (see 2 middle images).

On Wednesday I had a play about with my machine, and concentrated on the Creative Crafting Magazine.

On Thursday I went down to see The Crystal Lady, and we had a fabulous time out shopping, eating, giggling about the lift in 'The Range', and going to the best charity shop ever!

On Friday, finishing off some more articles for the magazine.

And Saturday and Sunday, I tried my best to have these free and restful, but ended up sorting out some of my website and also added some new items, like BUTTONS to my Misi store! 

And now we are back to Tuesday! A week gone... just like that!

Just a reminder that the Easter edition of Creative Crafting Magazine is out THIS Thursday, 1st April (no joke!)

Sprinks xx

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My new toy!

Here is my new toy!
Although I don't have it just yet, it will be arriving sometime during the week. I had some birthday money, and I didn't want to go spending it on the usual clothes, underwear, the usual things, so I decided on a sewing machine!
It's an investment right?!

Image from 

I've only ever used a sewing machine once before, and that was about 2 weeks ago. I had completed a cross stitch, and decided it would make a fantastic pin cushion. So, I borrowed my mums sewing machine, set it up very successfully, and gave it a shot! 
It was slightly scary at first. I pressed the foot too hard and the needle on the machine went so fast, I could have lost a finger! But after a little trial and error I got the hang of it, and surprised myself! I really enjoyed it. 
The stitches were a little wibbly wobbly, but I just need more practice. 

Yesterday, while in Reading's Train Station I bought Sew Hip magazine. The bag pattern featured looked like it was made for me, so I bought it. And so, today, I got some old material, (my mums old curtains) and started cutting it up!

Now, here is what I achieved today, in between dinner and tea. 
It's not perfect. 
My cutting out skills are something not to be desired!

The numbered pictures are as follows:
1) Pattern design on the material
2) The two curtain panels
3) The body of the bag cut up
4) All the pieces of the bag cut up
5) All the pieces of the bag, pinned and ready to be sewn up.

That is as far as I got today-  I'm going to leave it there until my new toy arrives!

There maybe a domestic goddess in me somewhere yet!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.
Sprinks xxx

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was my birthday!

It was my birthday on Monday, and I turned the grand old age of er.... 26! I had a lovely day, spending the morning in Matalan, TX Maxx, and Pound Stretcher, then in the afternoon I made a mobile phone charm, for myself, while having numerous amounts of cups of tea as people dropped in with their gifts!

So, what did I get?
1. Pink TV! It's actually nicer than it sounds!
2. Hello Kitty Pen
3. Long black cardy
4. Cross stitch book
5. Choccies!
6. New jewellery pliers
7. Compartment box
8. Gorgeous embroidery skeins - from Anna, The Crystal Lady
9. This bunny - from Diane, Peggy's Knits - CUTE!

On Tuesday all these buttons arrived! 

And got sorted out into their colours

They are all bagged up into 25g mixes, and will soon be available on Sprinkles Beads. I will let you know when!

Sprinks xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was like loosing my Teddy Bear!

You know that horrible, sickening feeling you get in your stomach when you loose something? That's how I felt today.
We woke up to no Internet!

I was intending to spend the day researching into finding more craft fairs, and updating my site, but noooo. It was 5pm by the time it came back on. So according to the last Twitter feed post that was 2:58am, that's 14 hours downtime! No emails, no chatting, no 'work'! It was like loosing my Teddy Bear!

I cannot believe how much I rely on the internet, just for basic chores, like checking my bank balance, looking at Radio Times site for program times, ordering food from Tescos.

Instead I spent the day doing an entire cross stitch for my mum to give to her on Mother's Day, finally watching Marley & Me (it was hard holding back those tears!), washing up, watching the Big Bang Theory, and more Bones, playing on the Wii, and generally having fun! I've certainly become one of many casualties to spending too much time on-line, and that needs to change! One thing that won't change, mind you, is my morning MSN chats to Anna - The Crystal Lady!

Hope you are all well.
Sprinks xx

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Creative Connections has a new face!

On Sunday, myself and Anna decided on a face lift for Creative Connections Network. We set to work yesterday, (Monday), and now can reveal the new look!

Anna, The Crystal Lady, has made the new CC banner! How fabulous is it! (see top of page), and I got to work on fiddling with the CSS code.

There are some new features that have been added:
  • You can now upload your own videos
  • New photo slide-show on main page to 'show off' everyone's creations.
  • Congratulate your fellow crafters on their birthday with the new Birthdays section
  • View up and coming events- and add to them too!
  • Attend 'chat' events. I am hosting the first one in the beginning of April, though no confirmed date or time yet.
So please, pop on over and check it out, sign up, and get networking!

Friday, March 05, 2010

My Box of Goodies

After tracking down my parcel from a certain delivery company that I'm not going to mention, it arrived today!
My little box of supplies!

Some of the items are going to be put on Sprinkles Beads, and the rest are for me! Mmmmm.........

Have a great weekend!

Sprinks xx

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A little mess, for pretty things!

Today I got my ribbons and felt pieces out

made rather a bit of a mess...

...made some packaging...

...and added on the final product...

.... Voila!
Pretty Flower Ribbon Brooches!

Sprinks xx