Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was my birthday!

It was my birthday on Monday, and I turned the grand old age of er.... 26! I had a lovely day, spending the morning in Matalan, TX Maxx, and Pound Stretcher, then in the afternoon I made a mobile phone charm, for myself, while having numerous amounts of cups of tea as people dropped in with their gifts!

So, what did I get?
1. Pink TV! It's actually nicer than it sounds!
2. Hello Kitty Pen
3. Long black cardy
4. Cross stitch book
5. Choccies!
6. New jewellery pliers
7. Compartment box
8. Gorgeous embroidery skeins - from Anna, The Crystal Lady
9. This bunny - from Diane, Peggy's Knits - CUTE!

On Tuesday all these buttons arrived! 

And got sorted out into their colours

They are all bagged up into 25g mixes, and will soon be available on Sprinkles Beads. I will let you know when!

Sprinks xx


House of Istria said...

Happy Birthday Sprinks... you had such lovely things! Hope you had a great day.

Love, Charlie @ House of Istria x x

joyknitt said...

my grandson shares your birthday, he was 12. pleased you had an enjoyable day and lots of lovely gifts,
keep smiling, joy xx