Sunday, September 20, 2009

Star Struck!

On Saturday I went along to the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair. I'm always after a bargain, so where else better to go, to rummage through old tins of other peoples junk!

We were wandering outside, when I spotted small crowd of people. Being nosy, I went over and had a look!
Only to spot Tim Wonnacott with the blue team being filmed for Bargain Hunt, along with the other antiques man (don't know his name)!

Although I never watch it, I was still star strucked! How stupid! Wasn't like Jude Law had just passed me was it!

The back end of the red team!

The camera man!

I wasn't stalking Tim all day! I did manage to look around the 4 large sheds and all the outside stalls.
Here are my goodies.

I bought these 3 pieces of material by Mulberry for 10p each!

And this little mixture.
  • 2 pairs of retro style earrings, that I will be making into hair pins. You may already recognise them. I bought the opposite sizes last time I went! 
  • 2 pairs of clip on antique flower earrings, that I will be also making into hair pins
  • A pair of tiny glasses! Couldn't resist!
  • Small bag of strawberry quartz tumblechip gemstones
  • 2 small apple charms with a purple stone
  • 2 sterling silver girl & boy kissing charms
  • And last, but not least a small swallow
There was also a stationary man there, so i bought some bags and some label tags from him, but I didn't think you would want a picture of that too!

So, not a bad day out. I spent £9.75, which is pretty good!

Hope you all have a great Sunday, and new week!

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