Friday, October 02, 2009

New Magazine - Creative Crafting!

It's finally published!
Creative Crafting Magazine is online for your viewing pleasure!

The magazine wouldn't have been completed without the brilliant Anna, The Crystal Lady, from Mystic Earth. I was very worried on Thursday night, that Anna was going to go pop, over the stress of getting the magazine proofed by the end of the night! But we did it!

And to all the other contributors to the magazine. WOOHOO! We did it!

I hope you enjoy reading Creative Connections magazine. It's a Halloween special for issue 1.
Please feel free to leave a comment on the page, and to rate it too! We would also love it if you would help twitter, blog, and facebook link etc the magazine!

1 comment:

Caz said...

Brilliant, didnt know anything about this, shows how long I havent been around for! Well done.