Saturday, September 05, 2009

MISI Blog Giveaway!!

Fancy winning LOADS of handmade items?!

Enter the MISI Blog Giveaway!

The wonderful Helen @ The Beading Lady has organised a massive giveaway of handmade goodies, donated by us MISI crafters!

Look what you could win!

This is the 1st Prize...

...and here is the 2nd prize!

Theres my donation, (the pink tissue paper with the pink curly ribbon in the 2nd prize pack), that I stupidly wrapped up, so you can't see what the gift is! 
But inside is a pair of hand pressed button kirby grips, and matching ring!
Thats a lesson learnt - dont wrap up your donations so they can't be opened without ripping!!!
Good luck to you! 
I hope your win... the terms to entering the competition are written up on the MISI Blog!

1 comment:

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

I could have opened your package but thought it would be a nice little surprise for a 2nd prize. Hope you don't mind. I can open it and take a piccie of the prize if you want?