Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Roundup!

On Saturday I popped along to the Royal Bath & West Royal Showground for The Stitch and Creative Crafts Show. Again this year it was manly dominated by card and paper crafts, so not much jewellery, or other craft relative hobbies.
I did buy a few bits and bobs though. Few buttons, brooch clips, craft papers, few beads (prices were a little high though) and some bottle tops!

The bottle top are going to be make into fab magnets!
Look out for them on my website in the very near future!
Here is a pic of the show. I must point out that it was taken with my new camera!!
What a totally exhausting day!
When I got back I thought I would make a start on making some badges with my new craft paper! Only to get onto the second badge, and my badge maker broke!

So if anyone has Super BadgeIt maker going cheap, or even the proper metal badge making kits at a very discounted price let me know ;) (thanks Caz ;))

I was bidding on Ebay last night for one, only to be piped at the post at the last 10 seconds by 20p! Argh!

Update! I now have a badge making kit.
It was at a bargain price of £2!!

Yesterday, Sunday, after my badge making disaster, I got to work on the bottle top magnets! I left them over night a magnetic board, just to make sure they dont slip. Thankfully they don't!!


Caz said...

I did a fair yesterday & the stall next to me made badges, they were very popular. She had some big machine thing though to make hers?

Sprinkles Sparkles said...

yeah, i really really would love one of them. they are about £315 for the whole shebang! eek. There is one for around £150 though. but at the moment im just dabbling. saying that if anyone as a proper badge making kit they want to sale at a discounted price lol! ill add that to my blog :p

jolicious said...

Great bottle tops!