Thursday, April 09, 2009

This Week

Thought I would do a round up of my week instead of an individual blog every day.

First off I have added 7 new items to Misi. Click the link to see my new creations ;)

Secondly, I came runner in the Misi Easter Egg Hunt! I'm so chuffed, haha. I managed to find 22 out of the 25 eggs. I won a wonderful easter anigurami bunny, handmade by reeneegurumi , and a beautiful easter necklace handmade by zoewoods. Also free listings to misi aswell.

Congratulations to enchanted too who also came runner up along with me. Jane and Zoe who both got a Chocolate Bunny from Cocoapod.

But I cannot forget to mention The Pink Fairy Cake who came 1st, and won a gorgeous Gifford the bear handmade by tollykit, and his and hers egg cups handmade by Patchwork Daisy .
How did she find them all?!
I dont have any pictures of my goodies yet, but when I receive them I'll post them up.

Here are the eggs I found!! ------>>

I've got myself all Twitterd up on Monday.
If your would like to follow my day of crafting, eating, and general rantings, look for sprinkles_ or click 'follow me' in my twitter feed on the right. (remember the underscore! sprinkles was taken and sprinklessparkles was too long!)

Tuesday evening I went and spilt my glass of lushes red wine all over the coffee table where my keyboard and mouse is, myself, the carpet and the curtains!

We tipped the keyboard up, and let all the wine drip out. Lukily it didn't effect the mouse. The keyboard dried out, but a couple of the keys were a little sticky :( So I went and got myself a lovely new keyboard and mouse set. And its PINK!!

Today I added myself to Handmade Crafts Link Image 1 UK directory. Their aim is to build up a directory of handmade crafts within the UK. They would love your support too.

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Julia Guthrie said...

Congrats on being runner up in the egg comp! woohoo!! I think I ended up finding about 12 or
Can't wait to see pics of your goodies:)

And OMG...I want a pink keyboard & mouse too!!! waaah! I love that! LOL