Friday, March 13, 2009

★ Now Open & Updates★

My new MISI store is now open!

click the image to go to my site or click here


Craft Events - There are still no 100% confirmed events still for 2009. I'm just very very unfortunate this year that everyone I contact is fully booked. Seems the credit crunch has inspired people to open their crafts boxes, start making and selling!

Shops - There are still many places to shop for Sprinkles Sparkles goodies.

If you are in the UK, UK price listings are at: - my main store - my misi store. - my folsky store - my artfire store (this seems to be a new feature!)

For prices in $'s my listings are at: - my etsy store - my artfire store
please let me know if artfire in your country is displaying your currency.

DIY jewellery kits - are still 'under construction'! And are still due to be launced end of March, beginning of April. They will be available on my main site, and misi to start with.

Thats all for today. The past week has been packed with advertising, marketing, and concentrating on the jewellery kits, oh, and the trip to Ikea!

ps: free delivery is now only available at

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