Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adding to the list of dissapointments, but holding my chin up

One craft show weekend I was really looking forward to be taking part again in this year, has been 'slightly altered' . They are not having a craft marquee this year, although we have been offered a trade stand.
I am reluctant to take up this offer as I am not really looking to compete against fair trade and bulk bought items. Plus the fact I will have to buy a gazebo stand, and I can guarantee I will buy the one that will blow away and leak!

So now, due to very very poor amount of shows this year, I have decided to hold up on the DIY jewellery kits, even though they were coming along well, and launch them next year instead.

One thing I am really really looking forward to taking part in is the Little Book of Misi 2nd Edition, that artsbymimi is putting together. Anyone who has a shop on Misi can join in. The criteria is available to read on the Misi forum.
Thank you Amy!

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