Saturday, February 20, 2010


What a week!
This week has been the busiest ever for Sprinkles Sparkles Online! I have had sales on MISI and Sprinkles Sparkles Online, and I also launched Sprinkles Beads!

After launching Sprinkles Beads late Thursday evening, I had woken up to a sale Friday morning! Woohoo!
Stock on the site is very limited at the moment. I am waiting on new beads and findings to arrive, photograph it all, then add it to the site. Hopefully it will all be added by March!

Today we went to the Apple store in London's Regent Street.

Image from wiki
We had booked an appointment to get Twisty's iPhone looked at, my iPod touch and mac fixed.
All a total waste of time.
  1. The iPhone was out of warrenty to be replaced
  2. 'apparently' there is nothing wrong with my iPod touch - sods law it blimmen worked while I was there, and
  3. there is a 5 - 6 week wait on mac repairs... I wasn't even going to consider leaving my computer with them for that amount of time! Thankfully, my mac isn't ill, its just a cosmetic issue. The case has split all over, and I would like it replaced.  
Oh well, it was a day out, although absolutely exhausting!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Sprinks xx

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