Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

from Sprinkles Sparkles!

I hope everyone had a lovely new year celebration. whether they stayed at home, went to friends, or went out partying!

I went out, into Reading, for my new year celebration, only to come back at 10:30pm armed with burger and chips, as the whole 'being out' surrounded by lots of people, was starting to bring on an anxiety attack.  But, to be honest, I had the best time just slouched in front of the TV, watching Russel Howard on BBC3, then switching over to ITV to watch Big Ben strike 12.

During December, Sprinkles Sparkles Online got hacked into! I lost everything on the database, and had to start again. So during the Christmas holidays, I started making a new website. It's up and running - Sprinkles Sparkles Online! - but there are still a couple of teething issues with it, and as January progresses, more stock will be added!

We are also making a start on the February/March, Valentine & Mothers Day, Creative Crafting Magazine. This will be available to read from the 1st of February.

Like with everything and anything, we have had fantastic feedback, and also criticisms.  If you have any feedback for the team, good or bad,  please email us!
We are finding it very difficult to trawl though lots of forums to find out about your impressions of the magazine! :) Although, Man of the Month, seems to have created great feedback!

We will start to expand on many more crafts over the next coming issues to make sure everyone's craft doesn't feel left out!
We started off with a small team of jewellers, knitters, and crocheters, so the features and articles were based around those crafts. In the coming issue we will have a card maker, so you will be able to learn how to make a Valentines card for your loved ones.

That's all for now folks! Enjoy your day, and lets all make 2010 a better one!

Sprinks xx

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