Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Etsy... to be or not to be?

I have decided for 2010 to re-open my ETSY store.
Wise move? I'm not sure.
It does mean that I will have to spend more time promoting it, as well as my MISI store and my own website. But the more places I sell my items, the more likely someone is to find me!

Why not pop on over and have a look!

We didn't make it to the garden centre today. I woke up to snow, along with everyone else in the UK! So instead we cleared up the floor from pine needles and tinsel, and started putting all the Christmas decorations back into the loft.
Maybe tomorrow we may go to buy a new hamster, depending on the county roads.

I hope everyone is okay, keeping safe and warm, or having lots of fun in the snow!

Sprinks xx

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