Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After last weeks disappointment of not being able to go and get my new hamster, as it was very snowy,  today was written in the diary as the new 'pick up' day!
This morning, waking up, opening the curtains and seeing yet another blanket of snow, it was hit or miss whether we were going to be able to get the car out of our road and get along to the garden center.
We left at 11am, and the roads seemed pretty clear and gritted well, and we made it!

So now I can very excitedly introduce you all to Hamish! He is a male, Syrian hamster.

Sorry about the dark picture! I didn't want to frighten him with the flash from my camera. He is only about 6½ weeks old, but I think he is younger than that, as he is very tiny.

Sprinks xx

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lej jewellery said...

aww what a cutie