Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sprinks' Day Out!

Okay, maybe not a blog post about my new makes, but a post about Sprinks Day Out!
On Tuesday we went to see GREEN DAY in concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham! I had been looking forward to it for months and months.

We traveled up from Reading at 3:30pm, stopping off at a service station on the way.
After getting a little lost we finally arrived at the LG Arena car park just after 6pm. We paid for the car park (which was £8! They certainly know how to charge!), we waited in line for the bus that took us along the road to the main arena.

The queue getting in wasn't too bad. The man searched my bag, I say searched... it was more like a little peep!
We headed into the lobby and scanned the area. I found the merchandise section and stood looking at the mass crowd of people.
Sometimes it's great being small! I was able to wiggle my way to the front (very naughty I know!) in a matter of seconds, and we bought our souvenir t-shirts to wear in the arena.

We grabbed a panini and headed to into the arena to find our seats. It was pitch black, and we couldn't find our seats, let alone the row letter! The steward found our seats (i want to be a steward when i grow up, they get to stay in the arena the whole time,  see the concert, and get paid for it!).

We say down, and I changed my black strappy top for the Green Day t-shirt!
Now, if you remember the girls changing rooms at school, we were all very good at the art of changing tops without having stripe! I'm glad to say I still have the knack!

Finally, Green Day came on stage. I had already sat through their supporting act of 'Prima Donna' which the crowd were not warming too.

Then the show began!


The show ended around 11ish, I think, and we headed on out. I was absolutely exhausted! We walked back to the car, as the bus queue was ginormous. We headed on back to down south to Reading, finally getting back around 3am. We decided not to stay over in the end.

So that was my day off!
And a damned good one at that!

And on the business side... I have sold some goodies this week, through my own website, Sprinkles Sparkles Online, and on my MISI store!

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