Monday, June 29, 2009

My Holibobs - with thanks to MISI!

The weekend finally came around for myself and Twisty to pop down to Worthing to meet a very special mummy of 2 - Madam Salami - from MISI!


We set off from Reading, about 11.30am, on Saturday morning, and started our 2 hour travel down to the south coast!
All we had was google maps on the iPhone to direct us down there!

Please, no one ever use this! It's rubbish! Stick to a standard map made out of paper, bound neatly, that you leave in the back pocket sleeve of your passenger seat!

After getting a little lost in Guilford, we finally managed to find our way to the hotel. The battery on the phone died just before we got to the sea front, so that was lucky!

We checked in, found the hotel room, the went to meet Madam Salami, her OH, R, and her two little ones Ninja, and Baby D.

We met them just outside the hotel on the green, where there was an Army weekend going on.

We headed out onto the Worthing Pier, to breathe in the sea air, and get a little windswept! One way to blow out all those cobwebs!

That's R there on the left with a yummy ice cream, Ninja in the middle, and my fat arm on the right!

Walking up the pier it seemed to be a hot spot for all those budding fishermen. Although this guy seems to have given up!

He must have been sweltering in that jacket!

Ninja was asking if we were going into the arcades, Madam Salami said 'Yes, we are, on the way back down' before Ninja asking me the classic question of 'What money you have in your country!'
Madam Salami was quick to respond that we do in fact have the same currency, as we all live in the same country!

We popped into the penny arcades on the way back down. Ninja zooming off as fast as lightening hits to get in there!
I love penny arcades, they should be called 2 penny arcades now... where have all the 1p machines gone!

As we went inside this is what greeted me!

It's the most scariest group of monkeys ever!

Here's me spending my 2pence pennies!

I was after that pink rattle!
And yes!
I did get it!!

After we spent all our pennies trying win strange bits of plastic, and Ninja finally getting his poker token prize, we all headed back from the pier.

On Friday, Ninja had bought himself a Harmonica. And was blowing little masterpieces out of it on the way back down!
Here he is trying his hand at some busking!

R, Baby D, who had just previously woken up, along with Ninja headed back to their car, while myself, Madam Salami and Twisty, headed towards our car to unload the small quantity of alcohol and disposable BBQ's, and walk back to their house. We didn't want to take the car, alcohol and cars don't mix too well.

After walking back, which seemed to be about 900 miles, we arrived!
We ordered Chinese which arrived in about 3 seconds! All sat down to eat, while being entertained by Baby D eating a prawn cracker the size of his head!

After dinner, we headed back into the living room to watch an episode of Futurama. Seems like Ninja has good taste in cartoons already!

Food had digested, so we grabbed the drinks, and BBQ, and headed across the road to the beach to indulge on toasted marshmallows dipped in chocolate! Mmmmmm

Mmmmm, marshmallows!

Me and Twisty!

Twisty, Ninja, and R

And of course Madam Salami and Baby D!

The main topic of conversation seemed to be Baby D, and his amusing antics! Twisty was holding his marshmallow stick in his mouth, and Baby D picked up on this as a handy holding tool!

Lovely Austin Powers look there!
Also notice the marshmallow stuck to his trousers!
He must have sat down on one of his many marshmallows his was ripping apart! This got us all in fits of laughter!

But doesn't seem to be amused!

Here's Ninja opening an empty bottle of R's beer.
He wanted me to take this picture of him.

And a lovely picture of Madam Salami, indulging on the wine!!

The day ended with us going back to their abode. Baby D was getting very tired, so R put him to bed, while Ninja showed us his collection of Crazy Bones that he is collecting.

Twisty and I headed back to our hotel about 11:30pm. Everyone was absolutely shattered. We popped in to the takeaway for burgers to revive our energy for the rest of the journey!


We got about about 8:30, washed, dressed and packed everything up. Well, throwing everything into Tesco bags!

We headed down to the hotels dinning area for our complimentary breakfast of Continental grub! But where was the sausage!
We had poached eggs, beans, button mushroom, that I now love, and bacon. With a round of toast.

By this time it was just gone 10, so we headed out again. Me and Twisty walked along the pebble beach, where it was still misty over looking the sea and Pier.

We headed towards the pier again, as I wanted another play on the 2p machines! This time coming away with a stress ball, a pink car, and also winning Winnie the Pooh on those grabber machines!! I was well chuffed.

I text Madam Salami just after, to see when she wanted to meet up for the day. So for the next couple of hours we had spare, we had a little wonder around the town, going into M&S for a drink and cake!

We met up at 12:30, where we had a spot of lunch in Pizza Hut!
Good Choice!
They gave us a better tour of the town. We had missed most of it! I thought it was just one street, but it appears there was a whole lot more around the back!

By which time it was almost going home time. We sat in the gardens, where the Army vehicles were, and said our goodbyes until next time.
We left just gone 3pm, for our 2 hour journey back, where it was in fact a 4 hour journey, as we were stuck in a queue on the motorway heading towards Berkshire for an hour!

The motorway was shut! Due to an overturned lorry shedding its load of chicken feed!

Everyone was cramming into one lane at the turn off to Slough! Why o why did it have to be Slough! We had no idea where we were going, so the not so trusting google maps made its appearance once again, as we found our way back to Reading!

We made it! Only having to stop at a pub car park in Slough, nipping to the loo in the pub and making a swift exit! It was a rather scary area!

So that was my weekend! :D
I had a lovely time there. Madam Salami and R were very welcoming hosts to our mini holiday.
And Ninja and Baby D are two both very wonderful, beautiful, well behaved children.


knitwits said...

awww lovely pics, sounds like you all had a great time xx

Caz said...

Looks like you had a fab time!

Looby said...

Wonderful pics Sprinks - I'm so jealous, I love the seaside!!
Sounds like you all had a fabulous time!
Lou x

Madam Salami said...

I best do mine now huh - though everyone already knows what happened! ha ha
Lou - Sprinks doesn't like the sea, or sadn or seaweed, or seagukls, but she'd love to live by the sea!

We did have a really great time, very glad they came down! x x

The Crystal Lady said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and some great weather too. Great to see pictures of you both. X