Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's all Jingly Jangle & Delicious!

to all you daddys out there!

It's been very busy this week in the Sprinks world completing 3 custom orders!

First off I was asked to make a glass necklace chain, delicate, in the colours dark brown and black. I used glass seed beads to make it, and it seem to go down an absolutely treat. She loved it
Then week I received an email from a lady wanting to know if I could help her out with some beaded hair bobbles and hair pins for her bridesmaids.
Ta da!

And then there was Looby Crafts order!
I had asked Lou to make me a custom order Anniversary Card for my parents, while doing so she asked me to make her a jingly jangle bracelet.

Here is the card she made me - my parents absolutely loved it by the way Lou!

And here is the jingly jangle bracelet I made her!

The delicious part of the title of my blog?

Yup! It really was THAT big!
  • 2 HUGE blobs of chocolate icecream
  • A very generous amount of chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Teeny tiny marshmallows
  • Maltesers
  • Cream
  • More chocolate sauce
  • 2 wafers
  • Chocolate twist tube wafer
  • Half a chocolate flake
  • And yes, that is an ENTIRE cadburys Curly Whirly!
I don't think I have ever eaten anything so delicious! And I ate the entire thing. I was quite proud! When the ice cream lady put the Curly Whirly in I thought I wouldn't get past that part, let alone start on the ice cream!
Mmmmmm, I could eat another one right now!

Hope you all have a great day!
Blog later!


Looby said...

OMG that ice cream looks lush! I haven't had a curly wurly for ages!
So glad your Mum and Dad liked the card and I can't wait for my GORGEOUS bracelet to arrive - will post a pic of me wearing it when it does!
Lou xx

Caz said...

Wow that looks deeeeelish!x