Thursday, May 07, 2009

Madam Salami's Egg Advice

CrAzY pOsT tImE

The exp. date on my eggs was out, so Madam Salami gave me some advice to check to see if my eggs were really rotton!
Step 1
Dunk the egg in a tall tumbler of water. If the egg goes straight to the bottom, then its okay. If it bobbles around then sinks, its on its way out. If it just floats at the top then its a rotton old bad egg.

Step 2
If it floats, bin it!
If it sinks, crack it open. It shouldn't smell!
Mine bobbled about a bit, then sank, so I cracked it open for investigation!

Step 3
If it's okay, cook it!
If its like mine, look at it. Then bin it! I'm not risking my stomach!

Heres the process!!


Caz said...

You're round the twist woman! Lol!!

Madam Salami said...

Ha ha ha you are so funny! By the way the white bit is normal and nothing to worry about!
I'm glad that my advice made such an impact on you Sprinks, it's something you can now pass on to your children and your children's children.......
I have sent the tip to PhotoFairytales too for her 'tip of the month' on her website!

knitwits said...

pmsl mad woman!! by the way, i love your spotty bowl! lol