Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry that I haven't updated my blog in a while, but I haven't had anything interesting to report! 

I have been very busy today though getting my craft fair tables ready. This year I have 2 tables so fill, so thats 12ft! Eek!

I like to get everything out, and do a demo display of what my stall is going to look like before I get there, so I'm not faffing around in the morning putting it all out, rearranging, and getting into a stressy fit! 

Ok, so the display boards are not complete yet, and yes, the old Christmas signs are still up! I'll change them soon, and do the boards on the night before the fair. But here is my table! 

sorry about the blurry pic!

Well, thats it for now. Time to watch the rest of the Eurovision Song Contest! Go United Kingdom!!


Madam Salami said...

Looks great Sprinks! Soooo much space to fill too.
Is your entire house that pink?? :)

lej jewellery said...

looks great, good luck with your fair

The Crystal Lady said...

Was busy admiring your tables when I noticed those wonderful childrens buttons in your Misi store. Well, you know the rest, just had to make them my first Misi purchase. My littlest monster will love them. (I'm sure his older brother will want some too!)

Caz said...

Looks good to me, good luck with the fair!

Sprinkles Sparkles said...

It's my parents house Tash. Just the chimney wall in the living room and dining room is 'rose' colour. the rest is a bluey/grey.

Thanks, Anna-Marie! Its good to hear that the MISI promo works :D

Jean said...

Do you always do a mock up of your stall, I remember we did the first time we went to Heddington, but I had forgetten that until I saw your picture.
Where are you going, I've forgotten that too!!

Sprinkles Sparkles said...

Yah, all the time Jean. I get in a right flap if i dont. i never know if i have enough jewellery or not.
im going to castle combe end of the month :)