Monday, May 04, 2009

Colour Fun!

This week I have been concentrating on getting my summer craft stalls ready. This year I have ALOT of space to fill up.
So the idea of having a jewellery stall and an accessories stall was a great idea...... I thought!
There is plenty of handmade jewellery to fill up one trestle table, but not enough handmade accessories to fill the other table. So I came up with the idea of selling home and garden accessories. 

As i'll be outside, displaying garden features hopefully will work quite well. I've got my hands on some beautiful colourful lanterns and accessorised them with beads, and a little ribbon to finish them off! As you can see in the picture, I have added
 beaded handles and cuffs to them.

These are available at Sprinkles Sparkles Online for £2 each!

Included in the homeware section are these gorgeous little burgundy potpourri organza bags. They smell divine!

Again, these are available at Sprinkles Sparkles Online for £1.50 each!
I think these are fab little pick-ups.

Also added this week to Sprinkles Sparkles Online! MISI and FOLKSY are these cute little pin badges. All purple ones have sold now. 

A lot more goodies are still available at MISI and ETSY!!

Cheerio for now!

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lej jewellery said...

loving those pin badges :-)