Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Creative Crafting Magazine

Well, we are already a week into the year 2014 and some exciting changes are already happening! As well as creating and selling jewellery and accessories, I am also the Technical Editor of Creative Crafting Magazine. (original post)

Creative Crafting magazine began in August/September 2009 when a group of crafting friends on the Creative Connections Crafters Network decided that it would be a good idea to raise awareness of the Crafting Community. From this point they started work and the first issue of creative crafting was published in October 2009.  You can find this issue on our back issues page.
This issue was welcomed by the community and subsequent issues have followed. The magazine attracts worldwide readers and its popularity is growing rapidly. The most popular issue so far has been the February/Valentines issue which received over 66,000 unique page views in its first two months until the next issue was published. All of our issues are still online to be discovered today and we look forward to creating many more.You can find all of our issues up to number 23 free to read on our site. All later issues are available for purchase both in digital and printed format.

For this coming year we have some BIG NEWS!
We had an editorial meeting at Creative Crafting HQ on Monday afternoon and some big decisions were made.

For 2014 Creative Crafting will be changing to a quarterly magazine where we flow with the seasons giving our writers more time to submit their work and more defined issues. If you would like to be involved in any of the following issues please let us know ( (Thank you to everyone who is already going to submit for our March Issue, previously Feb)

Spring Issue - 1st March (copy deadline 1st Feb) themes to include spring and Easter and other holidays through spring.

Summer Issue - 1st June (copy deadline 1st May) themes to include, holidays, summer, beach, back to school etc.

Autumn Issue - 1st September (copy deadline 1st August) themes to include autumn, Halloween etc.

Winter Issue - 1st December (copy deadline 1st November) themes to include Christmas, Winter, Valentines etc.

In between these issues we will also be releasing some Kindle Books on Amazon and other e-reader sites.

There is LOTS to look forward to.

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