Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sprinkles Beads is on MISI!

Yes! That's right!

This evening I opened a new account, and started listing 5 new supplies to the shop. So far we have
  • 1 inch headpins
  • 2 inch headpins
  • Mixed buttons
  • Mobile Phone Charm Straps
  • Wire guardians
All postage is £1.00 per order, with 20p for each additional item. So it might be best to stock up while you can, all in one go!

Some items that I will be listing are not small, for example bead boards and beading mats. These will have different postage & packaging prices, due to their size.

Might go and list some more items now.. so keep checking all the time to see new stock!

Sprinks xx

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