Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Neon Disco Lights!

I was on the MISI forums the other day. Nothing unsual there! And Kelly from Kelso Kreations had asked for someone to make a custom bracelet for her sons girlfriend!

It's her 10th birthday on Friday and is having a neon disco party, so Kelly had asked for something bright, colourful and disco/neon related!

I jumped at the chance at making this, so PM'd Kelly straight away. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so was keeping my fingers crossed that she would like me to make it for her.
I got a reply almost instantly, and Kelly said yes to me making the bracelet! yay!

Here's what I came up with! I love it! It's made from resin beads, suitable for a young girl, as I thought glass wouldn't be as suitable, and also too heavy on her wrist.

Kelly has received the bracelet, along with a gift box and card made by Hayley at Haybel19!

It all matches perfectly! And I hope the birthday girl enjoys her pressies!

If you would like your own custom order designed and made by me, drop me a PM at my MISI store or contact me at Sprinkles Sparkles Online! :D

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