Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Showcase!

It's only one week to go until "It's Darling" Vintage & Handmade Fair at the Guildhall, in Bath.

Each day this week up until the event I will start to showcase some pieces that I will be exhibiting and selling. 

Today, I'm going to start with the bracelets and watches from The Petal Collection.

1. Pink Petal Flower Watch (£45) 2. Green & Black Petal Flower Bracelet (£35)

3. Red & Cream Petal Flower Bracelet (£35) 4. Green & Brown Petal Flower Watch (£45)
5. Black & Silver Petal Flower Watch (£45) 6. Orange & Cream Petal Flower Bracelet (£35)

What will be Sundays Showcase? Check back tomorrow!

Sprinks xx

1 comment:

Rebecca White said...

Ooh exciting stuff! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday! :-) x