Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hanging Tags!

My gridwall arrived the other week, ready to display all Sprinkles Beads stock. Only problem was that they had sent me the wrong legs! Well, after numerous emails, and phone calls, I still haven't received the correct legs. but we will get there!

So today, I finished off making my handmade hanging tags, so I could hang all the stock up!

1.  Cutting up lots of strips of white card.

2. Then cut each strip into 10 pieces.

3. Each little strip was then cut out with a snowflake

4. And left hundreds of little snowflakes!

5. The little strips were then stapled onto the backs 
of all the bags!

6. Finished result!
All Sprinkles Beads stock hanging on the new

Sprinks xx


Nana Go-Go said...

Well done Sprinks, a good day`s work all round I would say....and your stand looks so pretty with all your stock on it. Good Luck with your sales.

RosyTint said...

Very attractively done. I love spending time on jobs like that myself. Your display looks great!